Vintage Prize Strawberry Jam

Last summer I listed and sold a great collection of vintage 1930s-1970s recipes in a menu maker card file. See the listing here.

Having a hard time parting with this item, I took an hour (or two) to read and photocopy some of the most interesting recipes. I am thrilled with the one titled Prize Strawberry Jam. I made it yesterday.

IMG_2671I love the handwritten note at the top. “Perfect.” It truly is.

So simple and easy. I picked berries that morning and was surprised I had enough berries for two recipes in this bowl.


When you start with a dry pan, adding just berries and sugar it’s surprising how fast they liquefy.

I did the recipe twice over instead of doubling it and had a lasagna size pan of jam cooling by the end.


I left it out covered overnight and it was nice and thick this morning.


The kids and I had PB&J for breakfast.

To make it even simpler, I don’t can – I freeze. Just leave an inch of room at the top in your mason jars for expansion.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

About ramonamorningbird

"Bestowed the middle name Ramona Morningbird by hippie-parents, treasure-hunter Hopi Wickson never predicted that her name would come to herald her passion. Yet in the morning, she slips away before dawn on a quest for vintage finds that embody the beautiful quirk of old-fashioned function. Charmed by the eclectic and wooed by utility, Miss Morningbird has idiosyncratic taste and a collection of antique industrial objects that have, over time, earned the distinction of sculptural art." -
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