Glimpses from The Guest House

Over the winter I took on the project of decorating a guest house with Ramona Morningbird treasures. The house is available to rent on – see the listing here. I received a wonderful surprise when the current guest – a talented amateur photographer – sent me some images from his stay. It is nice to see the inspiration of these finds spread to others.

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The Name Says It All

Dress your waist with one of these snazzy solid brass belt buckles and they will never forget who you are. Freshly listed in Ramona Morningbird on Etsy .

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Keep it Sharp

Pencil sharpeners should come with a house, like the stove or the fridge. A necessary part of the daily grind in my house. These new listings will help you get through it.

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Vintage Children’s Books

Vintage books have such charm. I enjoy the feel of the thick type-printed pages, the look of the colorful dust jackets and retro graphics and typography. Do you have a reader to give these gems to? Or maybe a shelf that needs a bit of color? Newly listed here for only $7.50 each.

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Wrap it Outside the Box

I love packaging. It is my favorite part of shipping finds off to you and Christmas time gives many reasons to feed the packaging fetish. This year I have gathered various papers, twines and paper tags from my vintage collections to bring wrapping paper outside the box. What do you have lying around that would make fantastic wrapping paper or tags?

IMG_0016_2 IMG_0005_2 IMG_0001

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Aprons Aprons Aprons

I love the thought of wearing a cute apron to do your dirty work. These vintage aprons are newly listed on Etsy here:

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Applecrest Farm in Hampton Falls: 100 years and still growing

Applecrest Farm in Hampton Falls: 100 years and still growing

I love this article on Applecrest Farm’s 100 year birthday. I am honored to offer my finds at this location during the months of May, June, July and August. 

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Whoa. Fab is taking 25% off Ramona Morningbird.

What a sweet surprise I got in my email this morning. is offering their first EVER site wide sale for Labor Day weekend. 25% off all the good stuff. Yep, that includes Ramona Morningbird! Even better, since my feature flips on Monday at 4pm you can take advantage of the savings as the industrial pieces finish up and next week’s retro pieces are introduced. Happy Labor Day!

Savings applied at checkout today through Monday.

Click here to check it out.


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It’s a fab day!

It’s the beginning of two back to back Ramona Morningbird features on! The first opened today with beautiful industrial finds, and next week with offer retro midcentury house wares. Click here to check it out. Take advantage of free shipping on most items!

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B is for Blue

This gallery contains 6 photos.

As the strawberries wind down and blueberries begin to ripen I added some blue to the shop at Applecrest Farm. Fresh fruit and finds!

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