Birth of The Bird

    I was born Ramona Morningbird but didn’t embrace it until much later in life. As a child, it was the quirky mark of hippie roots my parents had forever bestowed on me. It wasn’t until I had kids that I discovered the golden hour of pre-dawn. I can escape the house unnoticed and go hunt for the vintage finds I crave. Here I feel the freedom of being Ramona Morningbird and it feels natural to pass my given name to my shop.

     Now, quirky function makes me happy. The historical use of an item fascinates me. I am thrilled by the inclination to take functional vintage finds and display them as sculptural art. I buy what I love without fluffy romance because my practical side eternally woos me. Ramona Morningbird mixes vintage industrial function with pops of mid-century modern and happy color.

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