“Great Utilitarian Vintage Finds” on Fab.com

Ramona Morningbird is featured for six more days on fab.com. The collection is summarized below:

“To peer through the eyes of Ramona Morningbird is to discover the beauty in antique utility. Irresistibly drawn to an item’s historical use, proprietor Hopi Wickson seeks functional fragments like tattered trunks and industrial water caps, and reintroduces them as enticing sculptures of weathered wood and metal.” – Fab.com

Click the link above to see the sale!



About ramonamorningbird

"Bestowed the middle name Ramona Morningbird by hippie-parents, treasure-hunter Hopi Wickson never predicted that her name would come to herald her passion. Yet in the morning, she slips away before dawn on a quest for vintage finds that embody the beautiful quirk of old-fashioned function. Charmed by the eclectic and wooed by utility, Miss Morningbird has idiosyncratic taste and a collection of antique industrial objects that have, over time, earned the distinction of sculptural art." - fab.com
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