General Electric Sun Lamp

My find of the weekend is a great floor lamp marked as a General Electric Sun Lamp. I had to learn more about it and was thrilled to find this 1939 advertisement clearly showing its original use. How fun – a tanning lamp from the 1930s!

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"Bestowed the middle name Ramona Morningbird by hippie-parents, treasure-hunter Hopi Wickson never predicted that her name would come to herald her passion. Yet in the morning, she slips away before dawn on a quest for vintage finds that embody the beautiful quirk of old-fashioned function. Charmed by the eclectic and wooed by utility, Miss Morningbird has idiosyncratic taste and a collection of antique industrial objects that have, over time, earned the distinction of sculptural art." -
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7 Responses to General Electric Sun Lamp

  1. daniel lalonde says:

    Hi, a friend have the same sunlamp to sale, do you think hundred dollars is ok, it a 8/10

    • Hi Daniel,

      When I had this piece of inventory I found the value to range within a few hundred dollars. If your friend has a buyer and is happy with his selling price of $100, then good for him. I wouldn’t be too concerned with other listings. Good luck!

      – Hopi

  2. Daeya says:

    Hi there. Found your post after looking for info on the same exact lamp that I bought today at a vintage shop. Two questions, if I may? 1) Do you use it as a regular reading lamp? Mine needs to be rewired, plus I doubt they even make this type of huge, weird bulb anymore. Which is fine. B/c I don’t want that sun-kissed glow. 2) Do you remember where you found the ad? Would love to find a real print copy and frame it next to lamp.

  3. Daeya says:

    Thank you!

    • Congrats on your find! I love this lamp. I did not personally re-wire this one but I believe it had been done. I have run across another since that had a 220 (like a clothes dryer) type of plug with a switch in the cord that looked like the original set up. Mine had a regular plug and accepted a regular bulb. I think it’s worth having an electrician have a look and get yours wired for domestic use. As for the ad – I think it was on eBay at the time of this post. Enjoy!

  4. lenwill says:

    i have the same ge sun n it works very brigjt the bulbs r rare item too especially if they wrk i love mine late nigjt bbqs have fun how much r they worth all i find r advertisements seen a few on ebsy bary 100.00 to 378..00 not wrkn believe that send mess lenwill facebook

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